Burbangana Artwork

Burbangana Artwork by Kristina Taylor, a Yuwaalaraay and Ngarrabul woman 

Burbangana is a word from the Sydney Language which means ‘take hold of my hand and help me up’. The Burbangana Group’s vision is ‘Working together for community wellbeing’. The company’s name and vision both inspired the artwork. 

The commitment to community wellbeing is shown through the use of circles which indicate connection between communities, cultures and create a sense of being held and care. 

The hands represent the eight Australian states and territories. The different patterns and colours of the hands draw on the diversity of the Burbangana Group and the people, communities and organisations from all over Australia that we work with. 

Dark blue and white circles around eight hands arranged in a circle on a background of ochre coloured circles.

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Acknowledgement of Country

Burbangana Group acknowledges the traditional and continuing owners of the lands and waters of Australia and pays its respects to Elders, past and present. We pay tribute to the wisdom, richness, diversity and resilience of First Nations peoples and cultures.


'Burbangana – take hold of my hand and help me up' by Kristina Taylor.

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