Two Ways Learning and Doing

Working across many worlds

We establish cross cultural teams for much of the work that we do. This lets us tap into a wider range of knowledge and deliver better results.

Through our Two Ways Learning and Doing approach we create safe environments that encourage people to recognise and share their knowledge and talk with each other about the real issues. This means that organisational decision making is more likely to be effective because it is based on broader and deeper information.

Two Ways Issues Discovery

We have developed a Two Ways Issues Discovery process based on semi or unstructured ‘interviews’ between our team members and key stakeholders. This process means that participants are culturally safe and more likely to talk about the real issues.

We use this approach for facilitation, planning and governance work with Aboriginal organisations or those seeking to do work in this space.


Two Ways Work Takes Time

The Two Ways Learning and Doing processes are more expensive initially – because there are two people instead of one. However we quickly pay for ourselves through the value of getting the real issues on the table which enables organisations to make informed decisions which drive organisational strategy and effectiveness.

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Acknowledgement of Country

The Burbangana Group acknowledges the traditional owners of the many first nations across our vast continent and pay our respect to Elders past, present and future. We value the wisdom, richness and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. 


'Burbangana – take hold of my hand and help me up' by Kristina McKinlay.

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